Song on April 17th, 2013 Mashup of "East Coast Bound" & Augustana's "Boston"

Hey guys...This is one of our older songs (East Coast Bound) that we mashed up with Augustana's song "Boston" We are sending our love & support to all those affected by the Boston Marathon bombings on April 15th, 2013. All our love & prayers.

Much love, Jill and Kate

JillandKate ON TOUR!

NEW YORK Monday, August 20, 2012

The Bitter End 147 Bleecker St New York, New York 10012

8:30pm w/ Reva Williams


BOSTON Friday, August 24th, 2012

Atwood's Tavern 877 Cambridge St. Cambridge, MA 02141

9pm w/ Reva Williams $7 at door 21+


CHICAGO Friday, August 31, 2012

The Underground Lounge 952 West Newport Avenue Chicago, IL 60657

8:30 pm $7

Come hang with us…and see our awesome friend Reva Williams play too!



Snowy Hikes, General Hooker and Some Guns

When we were up in New England I (kate) got up to a couple out-of-the-norm-while-you-are-on-tour things which were SUPER fun. I had a friend visiting so we made the best of doing some fun things up in New England. Here are some picture highlights :)

It was a mere 3 degrees outside but the sun was shining & it was beautiful!

Drove up the coast of Maine & stopped at this cute little secluded beach.

Found a path & hiked all along the cliffs. And yes...that's ice in the picture so in certain places I seriously did not want to have a clumsy moment & end up in the water. I took it slow :)

That's me in the distance.

Cute little lighthouse. I had actually been here before but it was during the summer months so it was nice to see it in a different season.

In Boston we scoped out what the New England Aquarium had to offer. My favorite part was the amazing jellyfish. They were mesmerizing. Whatever...I did a report in the 3rd grade on jellyfish...I felt we had a connection. Haha.

They were glowing. Right? #coolestthingever

Then there was THIS guy. I literally laughed out loud and could not get over how funny I thought this was. He didn't move...he was just chillen on the glass. Watching us. SO FUNNY.

These guys freaked me out. They are something like Dragon Fish found in Australia...they looked SO weird.


Walking around Boston we found this sign. I felt like I was winning.

Hit up a great breakfast spot, The Paramount. Yes, I said breakfast. Don't judge. This was my breakfast & it was delicious. Banana Caramel French Toast.

This pic was after we had left New England but I still thought I needed to share. I was on the bus in Johnstown, PA...talking to my dad on the phone...minding my own business. I stepped off the bus & was going to the bay to get something from under the bus when a security guy got my attention and said "I don't think you wanna walk that way...the policemen have their guns out." I had gotten off the bus and started walking RIGHT INTO four policemen with their guns drawn yelling at someone in a cab. It was crazy. I immediately whipped out my phone to take some pics...I know, I know...super smart. Anyway...they arrested someone in the back of a cab and the excitement was over. I know what you're story ever. Haha.

Big Hair in Boston.

We played in Boston tonight and it was oh so much fun. Jill's fam came to the show. Our friend Meghan came to the show. We saw lots of lovely Bostonian faces in the was spectacular. There were delicious cookies with Kelly's face on them. It doesn't get much better. Plus, Ashley got a hold of us and made some magic happen with our hair. No really, look for the magic in our hair? Here are some pics from the evening:

Who knows what fun we'll get into tomorrow in NYC.



Letter to the City

Dear Nashville, You know I'm a fan. You know that I love you. But I think you are going through a bit of an identity crisis. It's been clear over the last few days that you are wanting to be more like other cities. You've gotten mixed up in the likes of Detroit, or Boston weather...but let's have a reality check. Your weather is supposed to be mild this time of year. None of this snowing for three days, everything icing over and having the high temp of the day be 23 degrees. What's that all about? Tisk tisk.

So if you wouldn't mind, could you try pulling yourself together and gather up the gusto to bring back the 50 degrees I'd prefer right now.

Please and thank you.


Tim Pickering, this one's for you.

This blog goes out to the one and only Timothy Ned Pickering...Jill's stellar brother. He is bright and shiny and a J&K lover for sure. He is a great Quordy player (the game on the iPhone) even though Jill still beats him every time, he has surpassed Kate by 20 games...kudos, Tim, kudos.

Okay, enough about Tim. On another note, the pic below is of Miranda Lambert playing through her new CD "Revolution" at the Ryman a while back. Her CD is amazing. Go download it or gift it to's well worth the listen. Seeing her live is awesome too.

Preparing for the last show of the KC US tour this evening in New Orleans. Such a fun time. We are lucky girls. Nashville tomorrow. Woo!


On the Up & Up.

Okay...a few things. 1. It wont stop raining in Nashville...did we get transported to Seattle and not know it?

2. So we just updated the show information for the Boston show...check it out below.

3. We are not happy that the show venues are 21+. We are obviously not trying to leave ANYONE out :) We'd like everyone there but venues are pretty strict about not bending that rule. However, we have not forgotten about you...and we are working on maybe squeezing in a couple coffee house type gigs to make all you 21 and under lovers happy :)

4. There isn't really a fourth. Well, here's something...went through the McDonald's drive-thru this morning (for a Vanilla Iced Coffee) and saw a sign in the parking lot that said "No Backpacks-No Loitering". I didn't know McDonald's didn't like backpacks. Which Jill then informed me is normal in the city. Weird.

Hugs, love and rain.


Ladies and Gentlemen....

So we are REALLY excited because...we have some J&K shows coming up next month! YAY! We are really hoping some ALL of you guys can make it out :)  As of right now...we are starting with some hometown shows... OCTOBER 12th: BOSTON, MA

8:30PM (Opening for Gretel)


$5 dollars at the door


70 Union Square

Somerville, MA

(617) 623-9211


9:00PM (Opening for Beckon Q)

Underground Lounge

$6 dollars at the door


952 W. Newport

Chicago, IL


If seeing our pretty faces isn't enough to make you want to haul butt to see the shows...we are going to be selling one of a kind EP's of "Finding My Own Way"

That's right...we are only making a limited amount because they are literally all one of a kind and handmade by yours truly. And we'll be selling some pretty funky new t-shirts too.

Thanks again for all of the love and support!!

You guys are way cool.


Pics from BOSTON!


Well, last Friday we got to spend a glorious 15 hours in Boston.  It was great, great, great!! We got to see our good friend Meghan, Jill got to see her family & we got to go to a RED SOX game!!!! We had a are some pics from the fun game :)

green thing

In the flesh.


Kate's mouth would not shut. Haha. She was yelling for everyone to stand up for the group pic...

but then you couldn't see Jill and her fam down there.

jill meg field

Jill and Meghan watching the action!


Jason doing his thing.


Justin & Chris.


Jason listening to the "magic sangria" had LOTS to say.

Jill's thoughts for the day.

Good friends are the best. One of our best friends, Meghan, who we went to college with, is here visiting us for the weekend. We always have a blast...and she's a bigger Red Sox fan than anyone i know (except my brother) so we will have fun watching the games this weekend. (Won last night! woohoo!) I recently got into the show Army Wives and i love it. 

I just read somewhere that we will spend 43 billion dollars on our pets this year. Well, i don't have a pet, so by "we" i mean everyone who does. Really? That's a little ridiculous to me, but who am i to judge? 

Hair ties don't last very long. I go through them way too quickly. I guess there are probably bigger problems than that though. haha. 

Being selfless is hard. Being selfish is easy. I'm trying harder to do the hard thing. It's hard. But it's good.

Funfetti cookies are the best. You buy the Funfetti cake box and the Funfetti frosting. The cookie recipe is on the side of the box. They are dangerously good. 

I wish i had "Rockband." It looks so fun and i've never played. I have Guitar Hero, but i'm itching to try playing the drums. I'll let you in on a little information. I secretly dream of being a drummer. 

Enjoy the weekend. I plan on it.