Happy Birthday Amy!


A big Happy Birthday to my big sis Amy!

She is pretty much the best.

She's witty, kind, funny and beats me at Scrabble almost every time. Which is actually quite upsetting cause I try really hard to beat her. ..haha. She's probably so good at Scrabble because she is an accomplished writer of children's books and short stories. Her creativity and imagination have me in awe. She is a cancer survivor--which means that she is one tough cookie.


In all actuality, she is a walking/talking miracle and I am so thankful that she fought so hard and beat the odds. She is a bright spot in our family and her smile lights up a room.



Amy--hope that you feel SUPER celebrated today and that we can celebrate together sometime soon.

Love you!


PS. Remember that time we dressed up for Halloween? I was Raggedy-Anne and you were a white cool are we? xo


Meet My Sister.

Well, there are many things I’ve written about on my blog...but one of the things that I generally do not talk much about is my family or personal life. You know, try and keep some things for yourself and not for general public consumption...laa dee da... But right now I’m going to break my own little rule and talk about my sweet, beautiful, older sister Amy. For the last nine months she has been in a small European country working with children...and I miss her. Even though modern technology has made it SO easy to chat with her frequently--I miss her.

Now, my sister is no average bear. She’s got the most compassionate heart, a gorgeous smile and the family given sense of humor to laugh harder at your own jokes than anyone else in the room. Among her many accomplishments throughout life I would say the biggest is conquering a brain tumor and cancer at age thirteen. Not only did she do that, she did is looking FABULOUS bald...I mean...come on...who can do that? :)

Amy and I enjoy quoting really unquotable movies and watching the same movies over and over again. We’ve also been known to play a heck of a lot of Scrabble--which she wins most of the time--but I’m getting better and have even beaten her a few times :) Amy also has this way of remembering the most random things--i.e. she can tell you friends addresses or phone numbers from childhood! It’s so crazy.

Anyway--I can’t say enough good things about her. She is an inspiration and I am so proud of her. Amy if you read this...I love you and can’t wait for you to get back to the good ‘ole USA and eat good Mexican food together :)