31 Days of Blogging 2015 Kickoff!

We are back for #31DaysOfBlogging (holllllla) and we wanted to do something a little bit different this year. In the past we have posted {very} random blogs every day and although they are fun, they don’t necessarily all fit together to tell a story.

This year we’ve decided to take you through our 2015 with us and highlight the good, the bad, and the ugly that happened this year. See, there’s a lot we haven’t told you yet about 2015...partly because we couldn’t. Partly because it was HARD. Partly because we just didn’t know how to tell it.

But now we are going to spend December taking you through the year with us. We hope you’ll follow along!

We’ll tell you about things we did this year like: how we filmed an episode for a LEGIT “Jill and Kate” reality show, how we traveled to the Middle East for the first time, how we met tons of crazy-awesome new friends in Canada, how we wrote a blog about our body image that pissed some people off, how s%#! hit the fan after we posted that blog, how we played the Bluebird for the first time, how we recorded a secret album in our office...and much, much more.

Something we’ve learned about a LOT this year is the importance of STORY. (Thanks Donald Miller and Storyline.) Our brains are wired to process life in story…and we want to take this month to share our story with you.

As we share our year with you, we’d love to hear your stories too. If something we write resonates with you or reminds you of your journey, please share it with us. We all need to be brave sharing our stories...because that’s what reminds us that we aren’t alone and that we are truly all in this together.

So, just stay tuned. Every day this month we’ll be revealing a little bit about our crazy year. We hope you'll journey with us through the ups and downs and all-overs. Isn’t life exciting? Thanks for reading. See ya tomorrow!


A Note About Song On The 17th

Hi friends, Who can believe that 2015 is here and it's already the 17th of the month? Holy wow.

We've been doing Song On The 17th (SOT17) for 6 years-ish and we have decided to give it a little break. Don't go crying your eyes out or start sending us hate-mail…we will resurrect SOT17 again…we're just taking a bit of a hiatus from it.

New Years are for trying new things and we want to be constantly stretching and growing. Sometimes to grow you need to cut back a bit…so that's what we're doing..cutting back :)

If you're really sad…go back and scroll through our hundreds of YouTube covers and songs. It'll entertain you for long enough that you won't even miss it ;)

And obviously we'll still be posting videos of songwriting, covers and other random adventures…don't you worry.

Thanks for understanding...

Much love and excitement for the future!



Hope For 2015 (31 Days-Day #31)

IMG_4296 It's the last day of the year.

2014 is done. Gone. Over. In the past. And 2015 is before us.

What are you doing to celebrate?

Whatever you do we hope you laugh and maybe dance a little. Cause laughing and dancing is light. For some of us, 2014 has been filled with pockets of heaviness. So, tonight we're going to dance and laugh, dance and laugh and maybe dance some more…that's the way we want to bring in 2015. Friends, dancing and laughter.

We have blogged about it before but every NYE we write a letter to ourselves to open the next year on Dec. 31. It's maybe the most fun thing we do all year. It's a good time to write down where you want to be next year…what changes you want to make, what goals you want to achieve…it's CRAZY how much changes in a year.

We have lots to be grateful for this year…and we have lots to be looking forward to next year.

Thank you for being a part of this year with us. Thank you for coming out to shows. Thank you for sending your tweets/FB messages/Instagrams :) YOU are a part of our everyday life...

Let's go into 2015 together with hopeful hearts. Hope in our hearts. Laughter in our conversations. Fresh air in our lungs.

Much love...


PS. Please, please, please….be careful tonight. Call a cab. Call an über. Call a designated driving service. Do not drink and drive. Repeat: do not drink and drive. Your life matters.