This picture was taken Easter morning on Martha's Vineyard in 2007. It was so cold but so beautiful.

Sunrises are so great. Their complexity has both a physical and emotional element. The colors that peek out over the blackness changing from purple-blue to red to's physically stunning to watch. But, there is also an emotional side to sunrises that captivates us.

Whatever yesterday held is no longer. It's in the past. The slate is wiped clean. All of your day that got messy or ruined  yesterday is dipped in black, wiped clean and the sun arises to show us a new day has begun.

We all need second chances. Heck, if you're like us you need one hundredth, one thousandth chances and so on :)

A new day is just that. Whatever you are holding onto from yesterday, let it go.

Today is a brand new day...with endless opportunities within reach.