Sunday Stuff...

It's Sunday afternoon and I am sitting here listening to The Weepies as I simultaneously listen to the rain and thunder outside my window. The Weepies have this way of making me happy and sad all at the same time and for some reason I always want to listen to them when I'm feeling a little melancholy. They help me balance out my emotions.

It's not that there's anything wrong, but do you ever have a day (or couple days) when you just feel like you suck at life? It's the simplest thing that can make you feel stupid. I made a stupid musical error yesterday and it really set me off. At the end of the day, it was so not a big deal that I should have just been like "oops" and moved past it, but I HATE being wrong...come on...who really likes being wrong?

A friend of mine said to me yesterday: "Humble pie tastes like crap!" (that was slightly censored, but you get the idea.) And it really does...ugh...I hate looking and feeling stupid!

I have the tendency to be a little hard on myself and fortunately I have some good people around to remind me to chill out a little. However, sometimes there's no one around to remind you to take it easy on yourself.

So, this is ME telling YOU to give yourself a break in case no one else is doing that for you right now. We all screw up---in big and small ways---and at some point you have to suck it up and get on with life.

So, admit you're wrong, tell yourself it's okay, and get on with your day. I'm going to. And while you're at it, turn on "Citywide Rodeo" by The Weepies. Put it on repeat like I do if you want to. Everything's okay.