Steam Room Saga

Kate here... So, I had an interesting/quite entertaining experience a while ago...and I thought I'd share it with all of you.

Right before Christmas, I went to a local spa in Nashville because my friend had gotten me a gift certificate for my birthday. I thought it would be a perfect way to relax after all of the Christmas shopping madness and a good way to prepare for the holiday festivities. I arrived early and the lady who showed me the women's locker room facilities said, "We have a steam room right through these doors...since you're early, that would be a great way to relax before your massage." I thought it was a great idea--you know--loosen up before a nice massage.

So, I head into the steam room (wearing only a towel mind you) and it's empty when I arrive. It's not very big, but I settle onto the bench, lean back and start to enjoy the steam. Fast forward about three minutes, the door swings open and there HE is. Yes, that's right, a MAN. And for the record--a very young, attractive man--who is also wearing only a towel. We make eye contact and I momentarily freak because I'm pretty sure I had gotten a little too comfortable and that my towel was not know. Anyhow. He takes one step in, and says awkwardly, "I've never been in a co-ed steam room." I am surely blushing at this point--whether from the steam or sheer embarassment I am not sure--and I say something awkward and silly like "Uh..heh..Yeah."

So there I am. Our knees only about 3 feet apart...just sitting there. Relaxation out the window. My mind was racing. Do I get up and leave right away? No, I can't do that. It would totally look like I was leaving because he had come in. I wanted to look like I was totally with the times and not feeling uncomfortable that I was half naked sitting across from a stranger. Maybe this was the new thing. All I kept thinking was "Jeez lady, on the tour you managed to tell me all about the new lockers that had been installed and yet failed to mention that it's a CO-ED steam room? Awesome." So I close my eyes and try and block him out. With my eyes closed I then start thinking about telling my friends this story. And I start to laugh. My friends were going to find this hysterically entertaining. Yup, I try and hide my smile but the thought of re-telling my experience to my friends just made me laugh.

I try and regain my composure. I sit there for a little longer and realize I could gracefully get up and leave without it being painfully obvious that I was leaving because of him. We say a few words to each other as I leave, again something awkward, and I jet back to the changing area.

So, there you have it. That's my story. Next time you enter a steam room, make sure it's not co-ed...cause let's just face's uncomfortable.

And, if by chance you are reading this and you are the fine specimen of man that was in the steam room with me...two me. We clearly have already crossed the uncomfortable-get-to-know-you-stage. Haha.