Starburst,Thermal and The Kings...

Here are a few things I've been obsessed with recently: Candy

Pink Starburst.  Why don't they make a bag of JUST pink Starburst...if I ruled the world I'd make a bag of just Pink Starburst.  I mean, I don't completely hate the orange and red ones...but the yellow thank you.  Which is funny because in the "Tropical" Starburst bag...the yellow ones are my favorite.  They are Pina Colada twisted is that?  Haha.

kate thermal

The "thermal" setting on PhotoBooth on my MAC.  I mean the above picture would have looked A LOT different in the regular me!  The thermal setting kind of makes you look like you've been punched in both eyes..and it sort of makes you look like you have a slight case of jaundice...but I dunno...I kind of like it.  If you have a MAC and haven't discovered the thermal setting...check it out.

kings_of_leon_obtn_cover_selectThe new Kings of Leon album.  I can't take credit for this obsession...this was all Jill.  She pointed the record out to me & it's been playing non-stop.  So good.

Alright...just some mid-week thoughts from me...