Song on the 17th...'s the 17th.  And we are in NYC...and we have a new song to play for you guys...but due to our traveling schedule...we are stranded with no we will post the song as soon as we have access to a guitar or piano :) We thought about trekking down to Guitar Center and just picking up a guitar and waiting for someone to kick us out...but our fear of rejection kept us dry and out of the rain in our hotel rooms.  We should have access to a guitar/piano in the very near future... But just because we don't want to leave you with nothing on this is a picture of us last night, backstage at Zootopia.  We are both 5'9 and were standing straight up tall. Yup.  This pic should make you laugh a little.

Much love,


photoPS.  thanks to jason halbert for taking the pic...