Sometimes it's cheesy.

Nope, not talking about Gouda, Goat or Cheddar (de-dum-chhhh). Talking about cheesy moments that happen in real life. I recently updated a facebook status with three simple words: "I Love Music." I know people know this...duh...I'm a musician...newsflash right? Well...I do. And it might be cheesy but I really do love music. Like...a lot. And I know my fellow music lovers are out there and know what I'm talking about. True you all know we've been watching One Tree Hill like maniacs and they have some seriously awesome music on the show (SERIOUSLY)...and I heard this song playing...whipped out my phone...Shazamed it...and discovered this artist:

I've been playing the song "Coffee and Cigarettes" on repeat...cause it's hypnotic and sad and I LOVE the piano part.

Good times. So, I'm having my cheesy music loving moment. I'm so thankful I love music and that I get to make music.

Ok. Cheeesy moment over.

Who's excited for the super bowl?

-kate (and jill too)