Something Old To Something New

Towards the end of summer we were inspired to take on a different type of creative project. Our friend and über cute designer/decorator, Jenny, had told us about this paint called Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and that you could use said paint to paint old pieces of boring furniture and make them fun. This isn't a new concept right...but here's the don't have to sand or do any of that nonsense. You can literally just paint right on whatever you are re-doing. Now that sounded like something we could get on board with. So, we found this incredibly gorgeous hutch on Craigslist for wayyyyy too cheap. Seriously. We almost felt like we were stealing.



Now, in our heads, only fancy-people (older than us), have hutches. The real use of a hutch is to display fine china and crystal stemware. HA. Like we have that? Nope..our vision for the piece was much more practical. A BAR! We decided to ditch the glass panel and two doors and display  bottles and glasses. Now we're talking.

Here is the after:

IMG_4169*note bottles next to new hutch. please, no judgement.

Now if you're thinking that you could never do such a transformation, we are here to tell you that you can! It was so easy. Time and elbow grease are the only two things required. Oh and a good teacher...i.e. Jenny for us. Isn't that the way life works...having a friend to follow is always the best way.

So here was our process:

We picked a color. We decided a pop of color was what we wanted. Annie Sloan has great neutrals but we wanted this to stick out a bit and since it is hosting some fun bottles, we decided to go with Provence. We also purchased a tub of dark wax and clear wax. This stuff helps you make your piece more vintage-y. If you want a fresh, clean, brand new look, you don't have to use it, but if you want your piece to look a little worn around the edges it's an essential tool.

Annie Sloan paint chart to web site

Then, we went outside. Laid a huge tarp down and got to work. We took off the hardware (some people leave them on and paint right over...we wanted to keep ours dark.) Then we took out all the drawers...figured out a way to take off the glass doors and taped any part we didn't want drenched in paint. From looking at like a jillion Pinterest pics we decided to leave the top of the hutch the natural wood color. We got a bottle of de-glosser from Lowe's and wiped down the wood we were gonna paint. It probably took 3 minutes and is not necessary--Jenny just said that John (her super handy husband) had mentioned that it might be helpful. So we did it. Then we just started painting! The beauty of this paint is it's for amateurs like us. You can't tell if you go over one area, and then move back to another. You literally need no prior experience.





We did one coat. Then Jenny did a light second coat on the areas that needed it...aka the places we might not have painted the most thoroughly.


We let it dry and ate lunch. Once it dried (it dries VERY fast) we came back after 30 minutes and decided it was time to make it vintage! We cut up some old t-shirts--they make great rags! Then got our dark and clear wax open. Put a rag in each hand. Then we took the dark wax and worked it into the places we wanted it looking worn. If you're having trouble figuring that out you can google pics of old furniture or...a good place to start is the edges, corners...any place that would get a lot of traffic on your piece. So you put the dark wax on and work it into the area, then immediately take the clear wax and buff away the dark. This is the time-consuming part and also the part that can be the most fun. You have total control of making it super old looking or just a little worn around the edges.

We should have taken more pics at this point but it was really hot and we were covered in paint & had waxy hands. So, yeah, sorry about that.

That's it. We let it dry and then put the drawers back in. Screwed the hardware back in and bingo we were done! Woohoo!


We had John come over and install some wine glass holders to hang from underneath. We got ours from The Container Store. So this is the final outcome:


If this post got your creative juices flowing, then find something to take from old to new. Just go to Pinterest and search "Annie Sloan Chalk Paint" ...there are about a thousand ideas. Everything from huge tables to lamps, to tiny salt and pepper shakers. You can paint anything. Have fun!