Some things aren't fair...

So this post is to let everyone know how funny this Christmas Card fiasco has been.  Hopefully most of you have received Christmas Cards by now--if you asked for a replacement card--they'll be on their way in a few days...we've been super busy....and they are actually all written and ready to go but Jill and I are both out of the country at the moment so we can't mail them from where we are.  So no worries you ARE getting a replacement card. But we wanted to explain just how crazy it has been and how seemingly unfair the USPS was to us.  And just for the record...we triple checked that the right name, went with the right envelope--so people must have just been sticking cards in random envelopes....who knows where the other cards ended up.  

What happened to them???

New song should be posted soon.  Yay for the 17th!!