Some pictures from the crazy travels...

ash jill kate

This was in Las Vegas...Ashley, and J&K hanging out pre-show!

window washer

This was the view out of my (kate's) window. See that tiny spec of a person hanging on a rope-that's a window washer! Looks like he should have cleaned my window...hhahaha...


After we shot Ellen we got a super AWESOME tour of the FRIENDS "Central Perk" set....and Jill grabbed the guitar. I mean, who could be on set and not sing a little smelly cat? door

So excited!!!

kate friends



If you watch Ellen a lot, you'll know the significance of this picture :)


Jill is definitely giving a thumbs up! She was worried people would think it's a thumbs down so I'm clarifying :) Jay Leno was super fun!


This was flying from Vegas to LA.  I love snow covered mountains.

Many more to come....