Some likes and dislikes of Monday.

I don't like long lines at the post office. I do like catching re-runs of Gilmore Girls on TV--even though I've seen every single episode.

I don't like feeling full after you eat--but you are still hungry 20 minutes later.

I do like Silk Chocolate Soy Milk.

I don't like people who don't call you back.  Lame.  Like super lame.  I have some built up rage about this's fine...I'll write a song about it.

I do like the month of June.

I don't like having a glass of wine or 2 last night and not feeling so hot this morning.  Haha.

I do like Frozen Waffles that you put in the toaster and then drench with syrup.  

I don't like when you drive and you possibly cut someone off (not on purpose) and they give you the most disapproving frown while shaking their head.  Like that will make me change my driving habits...a disapproving frown. HA!

I do like good friends that make you laugh really hard.  Laughter should be required in all people.

I don't like when people look down on single people.  A quote from the movie Baby Mama..."Being single is not an alternative lifestyle"

I do like where I live.  

I don't like the maintenance that comes along with being a woman....haircuts, highlights, waxing, pedicures, manicures....blah blah takes a lot of scheduling, time and money! Lame.

I do like music....currently listening to Alanis' new record...favorite songs so far are "Straightjacket" and "Not As We."

I don't like mustard...just could never get onboard.

I do like this crazy picture I took of myself last night.  How weird does it look?

There you have it.  Some likes and dislikes.