So this one time...

So this one time (it was a Wednesday) we ordered a copy of Lauren Graham's new book that came out & we tweeted about it. It's no secret that we adore Ms. Graham...if you haven't watched the entire series of Gilmore Girls at least twice we can't be friends. Just kidding. Well not really. It's a great show & that's when our fan-girling over Lauren Graham began. We saw her on Broadway in Guys & Dolls and even got to meet her after the show.  Thank the Lord above that this woman was just as kind, down to earth, and funny as you think she'd be. She was seriously the nicest ever. We pretty much had perma-grins on our faces for a week after. We are SO happy that she has returned to weekly she is the totally cool mom on NBC's hit show Parenthood. If you don't watch it, stop reading this blog and go watch it. You will laugh & cry and then get mad at how much the show makes you cry. It's fabulous.

And now Lauren has written a book...Someday, Someday, Maybe...and we are SO EXCITED to read it. We're sure it's going to be great!! What can't she do? Nothing. Nothing we tell you.

Oh yes, so remember how we said that we tweeted that we ordered her book...well...she responded to us...and with just one tweet she had both of us pretty much freaking out with excitement:

That's right. Day made. Fan-girling was off the charts. Still is.