Saying NO.

Sometimes taking care of yourself is a lot of work. A lesson we both have been learning recently is that saying "no" to things is A-okay. Sounds funny, right? "No" is like the first thing you learn how to say as a child...well...first might be "mine", but second is definitely  "NO". But as we get older, we get busier and busier...constantly pursuing dreams, relationships, adventures, etc. and we forget how to say no. We've been talking a lot about how hard it is at times to smile and politely decline. To say no. It is especially hard when "no" means saying no to someone that is asking of your time or needs your help....because who doesn't like to help? Helping is great. But at times it is VITAL to say no. To look out for yourself and your sanity. As we get older, saying no to someone can be really difficult. We are afraid to disappoint. We are afraid to let down. We are afraid of looking like we wont have it all together. Sometimes we don't have the time to help a friend, or sometimes we just don't want to....and as we've been dialoguing the last few weeks...we think that's okay. Sometimes putting yourself as a priority is important...and if you do.... it can be SO freeing. Sounds borderline selfish right? Or at least that's what some small voice screams inside of us from time to time when we try and say no to things. But, after mustering up some strength...saying no feelings so incredibly good. It's like taking a bath or a long walk or breathing in  fresh air after sitting in a smoky bar--saying "no" is is like saying no to everyone else and saying yes to yourself.

So, don't be afraid to politely decline running an errand for someone if that interferes with YOU time. Be okay with saying, "That doesn't work for me." It is okay to say no. Please don't misunderstand us...we are all about people helping people and selflessness and all that good stuff. But it's all about balance. If you aren't taking time for yourself, you can start to feel worn out, exhasuted, etc. Saying no to stuff from time to time allows you to recharge and gear up for the next time you do say yes. It's all a cycle.

Love. Rest. Put yourself on the're worth it.


Does anyone else have a hard time saying no to things? Fill us in.