Saturday Morning Observations

Sometimes things get so chaotic and crazy in life that stuff like this starts to happen:

  • The trunk of your car becomes a storage facility. Initially it begins with things to donate or return to a store and then it just begins to pile up with all sorts of goodies from the past few months. Empty boxes, trash, the extra sweater you brought with you but never wore, etc.
  • Your laundry hamper becomes a that you frequently remove clothes from (with clean or dirty doesn't matter.)
  • Getting to sleep is always approximately 1.5 hours later than when you go to bed.
  • Hair washing can always be stretched one more day if you have enough baby powder & dry shampoo. Or a constant rotation of hats/scarves or bright enough headbands to distract from the rats nest going on up there.
  • The book on your nightstand acts more as a coaster than any enrichment for your mind.

Can anyone else relate?