Response to: Holy Overwhelmed

You guys. Seriously. Thank you for all the feedback from the blog yesterday. It's funny, we did have a Tumblr page a while back that we sort of used an an interim page before we launched our new site. Hmm...we were with the times before the times and now it seems we are behind the times. Hahaha. Anyway--the goal for us is to stay connected with you guys...and to keep making music that you guys relate to and want to listen to. All of the social networking tools are just a way to stay more connected & reach more people...but ultimately...we want to make music that we love and believe in and that you can too.

We appreciate the love & support.

We've been having a lot of j&k meetings & planning sessions.....yes, yes & yes. World domination coming soon. Hahaha. That's funny.

Happy Saturday to you and yours.