Reflections. Not Overly Serious Ones.

Here are 2 pics from Kate's birthday fun. Pancake pantry and cupcake time.

In other news, I (this is Jill now) get a weird sense of satisfaction when I do self-checkout at the grocery store and nothing goes wrong. You know how a lot of times you do everything right, but it starts beeping at you and saying "Needs Assistance...Please Call Attendant"...and you're like..."I didn't do anything wrong!" That bugs me...and it's also a little bit embarrassing. Like-how hard is it to self-checkout? Am I that incompetent?  If there's going to be a problem every time, I'd rather just go to a "Real Attendant" aisle.  So when all goes smoothly and I check out without any problems, it feels awesome.

In even more news, I've been asking myself lately..."Why haven't I bought myself a Snuggie yet?" I see them all the time and hear about how great they are...then I sit on the couch with cold arms and wonder..."What's holding me back? Just buy the Snuggie" I tell myself.  But I wonder if I am just caught up in the hype of the Snuggie. I don't know. I think I will buy one before long.

Lastly, as I reflect on these not so important things, I think to myself..."I wish that Home Alone were on instead of The Santa Clause 2 because Home Alone is definitely one of the best Christmas movies ever and The Santa Clause 2 is not." However, The Santa Clause is a good movie. Also, I (secretly) loved the first Alvin and the Chipmunks movie and may (secretly) be excited about "The Squeakquel"...yeah.

I will stop reflecting now as I am wasting both your time and mine. :) -j

1 week til Christmas.

Be good.