Raw Honey What?

It's Tuesday. Oh my, it's Tuesday. Totally forgot that it's TweetBackTuesday. This is not what I was planning about blogging about. But, it just hit me. Head over to twitter and use the fancy hash-tag #TweetBackTuesday and ask us something or say hello and we do our best to reply. It's a total blast. Ask anyone. So, this might not be the most ladylike thing to talk about on the inter webs but what the heck. Hasn't stopped me before. Let's talk pimples. Ugh. I really really really hate that word. It sounds so gross. Zits. That isn't any better. Blemish? Ugh...that sounds so permanent. Anyway....there is no nice way to talk about them but let me tell you what....I being like any normal person hate and loathe "insert said name for trauma causing red mark on face."

I would say I have "normal skin"...in those pesky teenage years I had minor acne flair ups. (Blah--acne is no better either...) Nothing too serious. But then around 23, 24 I had traumatic skin problems. Like horrible cyst-like red marks. The trauma was also brought on by having my whole face practically burned off in dermatology-peel-gone-wrong experience. It was awful. And I get it. We all know that our worth and value does not depend on what we look like. I want to be more than skin deep. I work on that. But, for me, I do think that feeling good involves being healthy and having my skin & body healthy. Anyway--so I kind of feel like I know all about zit creams, pimple destroyers and all magical remedies that were out there.

So, I was using the internets to look for that magic potion to give you that airbrushed perfected skin. HAHA. Right? Like that exists. Anywho...I was getting one of those trauma causing red marks on my face and was googling natural ways to magically make them go away.

But I stumbled upon someone talking about the use of raw honey to help reduce redness and fight bacteria. I had purchased some raw honey earlier that week to put in tea and in my oatmeal but hadn't even thought to smear it on my face.

I didn't exactly do that but I did take a small amount of raw honey and put a little glob on the said unappealing red mark before I went to bed. Then I cut a bandaid & covered it...cause who wants honey smeared all over their pillowcase while you sleep. Not me. I didn't do any magic dances or rituals....just went to sleep.

When I woke up in the morning and removed the bandaid it was like magic. The raw honey had worked. It didn't make it disappear (cause that would have been STRAIGHT UP MAGIC) but it made it a lot better and stopped it from becoming a giant crater on my face.

So, if you are looking for a helper in the fight against those dirty rascals that show up on your face I hope that helps. What are remedies you use for those blasted things?

Thanks for letting me share...I promise to blog about "gooder" things tomorrow :)