Random Sunday (Day #15)

This is going to be a random blog. Just a fair warning before you get in too deep.

We went to downtown Franklin to see A Dickens of a Christmas yesterday. You wouldn't really believe it unless you see it with your own eyes. Franklin is the most quaint old town ever. You just expect to see the entire cast of Leave It To Beaver drinking milkshakes at the old diner counter at any moment. It's pretty cute. So yesterday was no exception. There was dancing in the town-square, an amazingly-cheery Santa, people dressed up in period pieces and Ghosts of Christmas past wandering about. Again, you might not believe it unless you saw it. Here is a little visual proof:

photo 2


We grabbed some food afterwards and decided that it was a perfect day for me (Kate) to continue my training of trying to like beer. So I had 2 beers--can you believe it?

photo 4Ok, they were maybe the tiniest beers known to man but at least I tried. I settled for a glass of red wine but hey, I really did try. I will like beer someday. I will.

I woke up this morning somehow having a chest cold. It feels like there is an elephant camped out in my airway and I'm coughing all the time. Unclear about how this came about but not too thrilled about it.

Saw this sign in the Miami airport. Thought it was pretty cool. Hope it's there all year round...cause that's what we all need more of...peace & love.

photo 1

How about that Beyoncé surprise album? That was pretty sweet. Love when stuff like that happens. Well done Beyoncé. We haven't listened/watched it yet...we hear it's good.

I have watched a plethora of Christmas movies and I will not stop! I won't! I'm almost through all of them and will just start them all over again! Technical question: Is While You Were Sleeping a Christmas movie?

A Month For Hope is half-way through. Have you donated yet? It'd be super cool if you did! We need this money to help take care of these kiddos in Africa that are super, super awesome. So donate some money & you can get yourself your very own Houses of Hope Africa t-shirts!



Ok--I think I need a nap. I need my chest cold to go away. I've got 15 days left in 2013 and I'm determined to make them all awesome. Isn't it weird that despite circumstances YOU have the power to create happiness? You can really choose happiness. It's not always easy or maybe the popular choice but man, choose it! Claim it. Make it yours. Claim peace & joy & love. Make them yours and then give them away.