Random Pics From Continents That Start With The Letter "A"

We recently got back from a little jaunt around the world...here are some random pics from our travels :)



Getting a little boxing done at the gym. Made us miss our old trainer Adam.

A little acoustic rehearsals.


No caption needed.

Backstage pre-show at the NRL Grand Final.


One of the kids actually took this picture. A heart shaped cloud. #Goddoesntjokearound

Early morning drive through a game reserve.

The tranquility of water.

Weiss walking out on the lookout spot.

This was one of the best things we've EVER seen. An elephant rolling around in the mud...trying to stand back up. Key word is trying...he had to kick and roll around to make it to standing position. I mean..we've all felt like that right?

Again with the water. Beautiful.

Giraffe on the move.

Really we should all live by this ;)

Our feelings exactly.