Sometimes I feel crazy.  I think because my life is a little crazy.  I'm either moving at 100mph or I'm at zero. Either I'm running around with no time on my hands or I'm sitting on my hands with nothing but all the time in the world. I wonder if other people feel like this? I saw a preview for this new show on FOX called "more to love" and this girl said these words. "Love isn't just for skinny people. It's for big people too." Why thank you. Thank you for clarifying.

This is a fun weekend for me. My parents are coming to visit me....our good friend Meghan is coming to visit from Boston. It's gonna be a big weekend 'o fun :)

I want to be super tan this summer. Being tan always makes me happy. Thank you very much Vitamin D.

I've also seen billboards & advertisements for water parks recently. I wanna go. I love water slides, lazy rivers and water fun in general.

I also would like to take some self defense classes. Something about knowing how to kick someone's @$$ when you really need to would be awesome. 

I was pretty impressed with the fireworks in San Diego this year. They have new ones like smiley faces & hearts. Fancy.

I got some vanilla powder from Coffee Bean and brought it with me to Nash. I cannot tell you how much I love this stuff. Vanilla powder makes all things better. Tea or Coffee...it's all good.

I haven't been very good about taking pictures...I shall work on this.

I think I'm boring myself. Yup...

Don't be jealous of my complete awesomeness.