What happened to our blog? We haven't posted anything in what seems like forever. Our bad. How is everyone? I need to apologize right now if you were looking for a deep, meaningful, well thought out blog. This probably isn't it. This blog probably will not be making any sense or have any real theme or flow. It's really just gonna be sporadic ramblings of whatever pops in my head...this is kate by the byyyyyy :)

My new favorite drink to blend up in my magic bullet has been a Kefir based smoothie. Nothing fancy but you blend:


-1/3 of a cup Kefir (any flavor--I prefer strawberry)

-Handful of grapes

-Handful of blueberries

-4 strawberries

Put all of that and a splash of water into a blender or magic bullet and woop-tee-doo you have yourself a refreshing little smoothie drink. Not too sweet...quite delicious if you ask me.

I have this new found respect for whats-her-face...umm...Emma Stone. Isn't she just the sassiest thing around right now? And she has 2 movies out right now? WHAT? Who does that?  She does. I loved Crazy, Stupid, Love and I think I will really enjoy The Help which was sold out last night or else I would have seen that instead of Crazy, Stupid, Love again.

I saw Bon Iver in concert a few weeks ago at the Ryman.

It was an amazing show. I've never seen a show where there are two full drum kits on stage the entire time and they were both played the whole time. Great musicianship and their songs put you into a perfect comfy-hypnotic bliss. It was great. Later that evening was not so great...had a near death experience...which is an entirely different blog...but I made it...so no need to worry ;)

Last week I had the same really vivid dream twice. Random. I always think that's weird.

Went to NYC last week to celebrate our good friend Ashley's birthday. Bradley Cooper's face was on a cake--so that made it grand! We also went  up the Empire State Building. I  was looking for Cary Grant (which by the way did you know his real name was Archibald Alexander Leach?or Tom Hanks but nope. Didn't find my love at the top of the building..but let me tell you...if you find yourself at the top of that building around midnight you'll stumble across many a couple making out....kinda funny.

I made those muffins the other day...banana nut. Pretty good. But the kicker is cutting it in four pieces...smearing butter on all sides and then grilling it in a frying pan. Yup. Next level.

I love this bracelet. That's all.

Love this quote from Mother Teresa:  "Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies."

I have been trying to use less exclamation points while writing. I think I use them too often. Well, Jill will often point out that my exclamation use is somewhat over the top. I mean, I didn't really see this as a problem..maybe I'm just an over-enthusiastic person? Haha. In any text I send or email I write I like to put two or three !!! here and there and I guess that's not appropriate behavior. Who knew?

Have I ever shared with you my deep love for movie theater popcorn? It's maybe the longest love relationship I've ever been in. It rarely disappoints. I never see a movie without it. Never.

Okay...this is a lot of nonsense rambling. Hope everyone is having a delightful Sunday.