Questions, Questions, Questions!!

So you guys are  driving down the roads of Nashville and and BAM a KC song comes on the radio. Do you switch it? Belt it out like Kelly would? Or sing back up? Hahah!  --Lizzy Hmm....since we get to hear the lovely songs so often I would say we generally change the channel...or we giggle and sing at the top of our lungs and roll the windows down.  Depends on the mood.

When can we expect a new JillandKate album? And how was JillandKate formed?? --Michelle

Well, we are right in the middle of recording a new we are not sure when exactly we'll release it. But, if all goes well...sometime this year! Woohoo!  We can't wait for you guys to hear the new stuff! "jillandkate" was formed when we met at a music program in college...we've been working together for 7 years...wowza!

Can you tell me what you would have done if someone told you "you can't sing, music is not for you, find something else to do?" Have you always believed in you and in your singing and music skills ? Have you got any advice for self-confidence? --Charlotte

Well Charlotte...people will tell you all sorts of things. You generally need to examine who is telling you those sorts of things. Sometimes people will speak out of their own insecurity and try and make you feel the same insecurity. Only take advice from people that love you and want the best for you. As for your second question...NO! Haha...I think every artist doubts themselves from time to time...sometimes more often than not, but I really think that's just par for the course for any artist type. When you love doing something and people affirm you in that, go forward and be confident in yourself. You are unique. There's no one else with your experiences and you have something to offer to the world.

My question is are you guys are coming to Los Angeles, California for the All I Ever Wanted tour? --Kelly Sorry :(

Where I can find your song lyrics? --Max

Max! We are working on re-designing our website and on that site we will have all of our song lyrics. Sorry that you've been searching with no luck...we'll let you know as soon as we post them!

Its none of our business but my friends and I are wondering if you all have boyfriends? --Mary

Well,'s none of your business but currently we are both currently boyfriendless.

What is your best and worst habit(s)? In a previous Q&A session, you revealed that "Stained" was the first song you two wrote together. What are the lyrics and/or meaning behind the song? --Selena

Kate: I think one of my habits is both good and bad. I multi-task constantly. Which is great when I want to get a lot of things done, but sometimes because of my multi-tasking, I tend not to be in the moment or focus on one thing.

Jill: I'm a little OCD with things. Aren't we all? I have to count telephone poles and headlights when I'm driving. I annoy myself with that.

Stained was the first song we wrote together over 7 years ago. It was about being negatively affected by a relationship and how that in turn affects all of your other relationships.

What would you say to someone who's written a bunch of songs and doesn't know what steps to take?  What are your favorite five music videos of all time? --Erin

Erin, if you have a lot of songs, play them for as many people as possible. Look for honest people in your life that will tell you the need people who say, "I love you, but that's a horrible song."'s hard to have your creative works critiqued because art is really all subjective...but you have to examine your personal goals. If you want to write songs for other artists that you hear on the radio, listen to those songs, use commonalities from those songs to help you see what made them popular. Kate's favorite video of all time is Janet Jackson's "If" and Jill's favorite video is "Waterfalls" by TLC. Three of our other favorites are "Disturbia" by Rihanna, "Beverly Hills" by Weezer, and of course "Barbie Girl" by Aqua.

Do you girls have a certain time where you sit down and write or is it whenever you get something in your head? --Bianca

It's pretty much whenever we feel like it. We do sit down from time to time intentionally to go over songs or edit them...that sometimes feels like pulling teeth. It's much easier to write when you feel inspired.

My friends and i were wondering what your most crazy insane fan story is? --Bre

We think it's insane when people go out of their way to come to see us live. When we hear that people take plane rides, bus rides, trains, cars or walk to see a show it literally blows our minds. We feel so honored that people would want to make all that effort. It's truly humbling.

So my question is if maybe y'all could ask around like other musicians and stuff cause i was wondering if the Berklee school of music is a good choice for me to go, or if you recommend some other place? --Myra

We've had friends that have gone there. It's definitely a great school!

What are your favorite games and books? --Monique

Games: Yahtzee, Scrabble, Phase 10, Quiddler to name a few. Books: "The Time Travellers Wife" The Twilight Series, "Loose Girl."

What is your favorite disney movie?  --Melissa

Kate: "Cinderella" & "The Little Mermaid"

Jill: "The Lion King" and "The Little Mermaid." Oh and "Toy Story." I pretty much like them all.

Are you afraid of the dark? When was the last time you cried? When the alarm clock rings, do you get out of bed immediatley? (I need 30 mins) Drink of choice? --Lizita

Kate: I used to be TERRIFIED of the dark. Like so, so, so scared. Somehow I just sort of got over it. Weird. The last time I cried was last night. When my alarm goes off I snooze at least once, or three times...hehe. I'm assuming you are speaking of alcoholic drink of choice? Vanilla vodka & coke.

Jill: I'm not generally afraid of the dark...unless I just watched a scary movie...then sometimes I can be. I cried last night. Oddly enough, I'm usually not much of a crier. I need a bunch of snoozes...I don't enjoy getting out of bed. haha. Drink of choice would be Strawberry vodka with sprite. Also you can't go wrong with a Mudslide.

Can you guys release an EP every couple of months because i need some more jillandkate? --Luciano

That is VERY sweet of you. But I think if we did that, you'd soon have to visit us in a mental hospital because that would be WAY too much work. Haha...also, we don't want you to get sick of us!

How many stamps do you have in your passport? What brand of eye makeup remover do you use? --Holly

A LOT!!! Jill needs new pages in her passport! They almost didn't let her leave Jakarta. Haha! Almay's Make-Up Remover pads are awesome (oily & non-oily ones) or Kiehls super gentle make-up remover.

When is your(j&k) album coming out?? --Bonnie

Bonnie...this year sometime! We can't wait to get it done!