I thought purge had a "d" in it. Whoops. So spelling is not my forté. Shocker. And spell check and auto-correct have just made me a worse speller. I get three letters in and see the squiggly red line under a word and hit delete a couple times and then guess at another way of spelling it. Then...if all else fails, I open a new tab and try typing the word into the google search tab...again...I just write it the way I think it should be and wait for the computer to tell me what I was actually trying to type. I wish I were better and would actually try harder to really know how to spell things but, well, umm, yeah...I don't. Spelling is not what I intended to write about. Purging. Purging with no d. That was the word for yesterday...if you don't know what it means here ya go:

Yesterday was the day that I went through all of my closets/cabinets/shelves/baskets/containers/jars ... a.k.a anything that houses any of my crap...I sorted through it and purged. Got rid of. Removed junk. Tossed the stuff I don't use. Made bags of "give away", "trash" and "keep sake."

Maybe it's just the time of year for Spring cleaning and changing over your winter clothes to summer clothes that makes me want to organize and pare down. (Although Nashville is not obeying the Spring weather very correctly...it's been rainy & pretty darn cold here the past few days. Not okay Nashvegas.)

My cousin told me recently that she read an article about characteristics of happy people. I was fascinated by this and I really should have looked up the article myself but she told me that two of the things that "happy people" had in common were 1) they went to bed and got up at the same time every day and 2) they didn't have a lot of stuff. How does Kate stack up? 1) FAIL. 2) FAIL.

Now I'm not over here boo-hoo-ing saying I'm an unhappy person, but if I'm being honest I'm an artist so my mood can fluctuate with the best of them...which I'm thankful for because that's what makes me just so gosh darn me.

I was also interested in hearing this because my book club just got done reading a book all about getting rid of the excess in your life. It's called "7" and it's written by this adorably-funny real-life chica named Jen Hatmaker. She takes on different issues each month for 7 months...one month she only wears 7 articles of clothing for the whole month. One month she eats only 7 foods for the month. It was fascinating. She really focuses in on what stuff we have in our lives and what takes up our time...including how our "stuff" takes up our time. It's amazing the things that you can find when you create more space in your life by getting rid of the excess. I would highly recommend the read...it's thought-provoking, funny and will definitely make you think about how you spend your money & your time. If you're a visual person like me here is a copy of the cover of the book:

I don't know about you but I LOVE purging. Just getting rid of stuff makes me feel like I have more space for my thoughts. Plus, giving stuff away just feels great. Knowing that someone else could get use out of something that's been sitting in one of my cupboards unused for years makes me feel good.

This is a true story: I had 2 juicers sitting in one of my kitchen cupboards. 2 people. That's right. What does one person need with TWO juicers???? I was momentarily really peeved with myself. Why hadn't I given it away sooner? Ughhh. I immediately texted a friend, asked if they needed/wanted a juicer and told them that they could have mine. Woohoo! I have more space & my friend has a juicer. Score. Purging for the win.

I imagine all the hoarders of the world are not enjoying this blog very much.