Post Your Favorite Day on Your Facebook Page!

Hey everyone! Thanks so much for all of the support during our jillandkate's 5 days of music. That was fun, right? Well...we don't want it to end there. We have a favor to ask of you...would you be so kind as to pick a favorite day & post the video on your Facebook page? Or even on a friend's page if you think they'll like it. Or a stranger's page even. Just kidding. Don't talk to strangers.  Anyway, that would be awesome if you'd do that for us...and let us know which one you posted!  We've posted all 5 of the videos below in case you need a refresher of what we're talking about! You.guys.rule. Seriously.

Day #1: "Reason to Stay"

Day #2: "Walls & Walls"

Day #3: "Since U Been Gone" Cover

Day #4: "Let Me Go"

Day #5: "Skinny Jeans"

So, pick your favorite & post away! We really appreciate it :)

Hope your Monday is stellar.