In honor of POP SONG coming out next week... Why do we love the word "POP"..? Let us tell you the many reasons why...

1. POPcorn: There is no better food to eat during a movie. It goes perfectly with M&M's. Nothing beats popping it on the stove old-fashioned style. You can make it into balls, make caramel popcorn, microwave popcorn...you get the idea...

2. POPsicles: The perfect summer treat. There is a popsicle shop in Nashville called Las Paletas that makes all of these obscure flavored popsicles like wasabi, avocado, and plain ones too...like chocolate-mint which is Jill's favorite. There's nothing like a sticky, sugary, ice-cold popsicle in the heat of the summer. (And if you live in Nashville, check out Las Paletas on 12th Ave South!)

3. Kellog's Corn POPs: The cereal. Gotta have my Pops. Come on.

4. Dirty POP: Who doesn't love some old school NSYNC??

5. POP rocks: Actually, I (Jill) cannot stand the way Pop Rocks feel in my mouth...it makes me want to scream and spit them out all over whoever convinced me to try them. However, you gotta admit, they are pretty darn cool. When I was in Junior High, we would walk next door to Cumberland Farms when school got out and sometimes I would buy them just to be cool. Peer pressure gets the best of us all at times.

6. POPples: Didn't we all LOVE Popples as kids? I had a white one with a blue stomach. Remember how you could turn them inside out and then suddenly they were balls? Ingenious!! There were big ones, little ones, all different colored ones...where did all the cool toys go? Now it's all Wii-this and XBox-that. Popples were where it was at.

7. POP goes the weasel: A classic. That's the way the money goes....POP goes the weasel. Gotta love this song.

8. POPper Stopper: It cuts out the thump of the "p" or "b" sound that comes out while you're recording. May sound uninteresting to some, but has saved us many times.

9. POP-up video: Coolest show VH1 ever had. The jingle was great too...I wish this was an audio-licious blog, because I would totally sing it for you. How would we ever know that the Spice Girls came up with their own alter ego names without Pop-Up video?

10. Mary POPpins: I'm not gonna lie. I tried watching this movie a few years ago and couldn't even make it through the first 20 minutes. I guess it's one of those movies that was cool when you were a kid and then when you try it later on, the magic is not quite as...magical....BUT...a spoonful of sugar will ALWAYS make the medicine go down no matter how old I am.

These are all the reasons that we love the word POP. Soon there will be a #11...and it will be this:

Have a POP-filled day. :)