Pomegranate G&T Recipe

I should be posting a cold weather drink recipe. But here's the thing…I'm not a cold weather drink person. All the recipes are all whiskey this, bourbon that and I'm like….where are the light colored- fruity drinks? I know it's freaking cold outside and so my drink doesn't necessarily fit the season, but deal with it…and besides…you have one of these and you will be nice and toasty from the inside out. IMG_3579


I made a drink yesterday & posted a pic of it and some people wanted the recipe. So…. here is is…oh and I'm pretty sure this is the only recipe I have ever made up & shared so be kind if I don't do it the correct way :)

Pomegranate G&T:

(G&T stands for Gin & Tonic…just saying…there might be some confused people. Why do I know this? Because I generally am one of those people!)


1 package Pomegranate Seeds


1 lime

(even a crusty looking lime will do…I'm not ashamed.)


Tanqueray Gin (or any gin really)


Tonic Water



1. In a cup or drink shaker, muddle about 2 tablespoons of fresh pomegranate seeds. If you don't have a muddler, just use a spoon to crush them up--enough to expel their juices. Muddle is just a fancy word for crush--don't let those drink slingers make you feel bad.

2. Squeeze half of a lime on top of the crushed pomegranate seeds. Also cut one slice to set inside your glass.

3. Add a good portion gin. I'll leave that to your discretion. *winky face*

4. Pour tonic on top of it all. The more tonic you pour the less strong your drink will be.

5. Add ice & shake it up in your drink shaker...or pour it back and forth glass to glass to mix up (I can't find my drink shaker fancy thing so glass to glass it was for me.)

6. Get your most fun glass. Drop a few pomegranate seeds & slice of lime for garnish. Hold the ice back with your finger or pour the drink out of your fancy shaker and voila…done and done.


I'm going to be working on a proper cold weather drink here in the future. But until then… enjoy! xo