Pilates = Life Lessons?

So a few weeks ago I started taking pilates classes with some friends. For those of you who have no earthly idea what I'm talking about...I don't either :) Haha. It's a form of strengthening your muscles, starting with your core muscles...a different way to tone and help your body. If you want to know more, click here. Ok, so anywho... I think Pilates reminded me of a life lesson that is super important. Here's how. In my sessions, my super awesome but still makes me work really hard trainer, Erin, stands near me and is constantly reminding me to do these little things: put my shoulders down, suck in my stomach, lower my back, straighten my hips, straighten my arms, breathe, etc. If I weren't constantly reminded throughout my 60 minute session, I would go about my little business and not even realize I was missing anything and I wouldn't get as an effective session in. But I'm gonna be honest--Pilates has this tricky way of fooling you--cause sometimes you are doing something and you're like "they think this is working out? this is awesome! it's easy! i'm just laying on one of these fun little machines!"

But alas, all of a sudden you are reminded to do the SMALLEST action possible and all of a sudden it's SO hard. Then you are like, "what the crap--this Pilates thing is ridiculously hard...who does this? and on machines that look like this? what?"

So here I am three weeks later and when my trainer corrects me to do that small, seemingly insignificant action, it's not as hard and I feel stronger! WOOHOO! It's the small things people, the small things :) And so that's how Pilates reminded me that it's the small things in life that will eventually make the biggest difference. Taking 5 minutes before work to listen to your favorite "pump you up" song or picking up a piece of trash that isn't yours or drinking an extra glass of water in a day, or calling someone that you don't particularly enjoy conversing with but you know could really use a chat (even if they are a chatty cathy!) or going to bed that half an hour earlier to get a bit more shut eye...

Whatever you do, do not think that only large grand gestures count. It's all of the small ones that add up to making the big, influential ones. I'll even use singing as an example: if I never took time to sing in the weeks/months before a show and just got up to perform an hour long set it probably wouldn't be that great. Why? (I know you are shocked that I just don't naturally exude pure excellence...HA ha ha!) Because I didn't spend the little moments leading up to the big moments.

So, why did I write this epically long blog? I'm not sure. Just know that tomorrow morning in my class I may be doing this:

HA! YEAH RIGHT! I can't do that :)  I'll be more like this awesome lady (also I'll be in the same outfit + hair-do):

Alright, night night blog land.