Pictures from the Houses of Hope March 2011 Trip

Big shiny plane.

Nick was already asleep before we boarded the plane.

Woke up to the pilot announcing we were finished crossing the Atlantic Ocean and  officially on the African continent...beautiful!

Jill's excited face!

Love the moving map--ALMOST there :)

First time seeing the new house under construction!

The inside!

Hard work happening!

Kate's Dad, Bill...& Philip...Philip has helped build all of the Houses of Hope. Love him.

Dan (a local missionary who has helped build the HOH homes), Philip, Nick, Isaac (who has also helped build the homes--LOVE him) and Sean.

A first of many, many group pictures :)

Frisbee fun!

Name tag decoration time!

Laura wrote all the kids' names on the name tags...and did a great job!!

The climber!

SO happy to see these kiddos again!

Jill's dad, Greg holding one of the kids!

They loved doing puzzles!

Alphabet puzzle!


Kate & her mom Pam, & Jill's mom, Syl.

Group shot!

One of the special guys at HOH.

We had the best group!

Who doesn't love a good name tag?

Soccer ball fun!

Simon says...pat your head :)

The kids LOVE seeing themselves on camera!

Kate, Pam & little man.

We had some retired teachers with us so they created some awesome, educational games for the kids!

The awesome teaching staff with Syl & Jeanne.

Coloring fun.

Jill's brother Tim made the kids laugh SO hard.

Blurry but the the kids loved taking pics with our cameras!

We did some singing in the shade!


Kate would hide the sharpies from the kids...and then forget where they were...haha.


Group t-shirt day!!!!! Todd (who couldn't be with us on this trip) designed the logo. A BIG thank you to Gaby Robbins, Company X & SPI who helped get us these AMAZING shirts.

Yes--we are that cool...we had our names on the shirts!

Remember the awesome friendship bracelets you guys made last year? Well, we had extra last time, so we saved them and brought them again on this trip! The kids loved them :) This is one of the sweet boys picking one out for Kate.

Project Friendship Bracelet continues!

Picking out bracelets!

Kelly and one of the little guys.

Jill and her cousin Caitlin helping start a craft.

Syl reallllly enjoying the sticker time.

Aerial shot of a meal one of the kids ate.

Caitlin with some of the guys!

This looks fun...and dangerous.

A kid took this pic of Jill! They loved taking our cameras and snapping as many shots as possible!

Kate's mom having some sticker craft fun.




Photo bomber.

Kentucky Fried Chicken party time.

Jill helping feed one of the littler guys.

Nick helping distribute food!

Kelly & one of the little girls!

Fun new stuff for the kids!

Chaotic big group shot!!!!!