People to Thank.

We are so amazed by how many people have loved & supported us to make this album possible...we wanted to take some time & name some names and say thank you :) Honestly--we COULD NOT do this without you should read this..even thought it's a bit lengthy.

  • At the top of the list--we have to thank God for giving us the opportunity & means to do this. We are constantly amazed at how blessed we are. His love is real and we could not do it without Him.
  • We both would not be able to do what we do if it weren't for the love of our families. Each of us have an unending amount of support from our immediate, as well as extended families. We are thankful that God has blessed us with such strong foundations....lots of love to the Rapier family & the Pickering family respectively :)
  • Thank you to Warren Pettit & Tom Willett, of the Contemporary Music Center, for not only founding the incredible music program that we attended a few years back, but also for specifically lending us the equipment possible to record the "Songs on the 17th" album. Your generosity is inspiring.
  • Thank you to Stephen Leiweke for setting up all of the equipment for us so we could record this album in our living room! He was so kind & HELPFUL...he literally put sticky notes & reminders on the keyboard so we could do it all ourselves...He also mixed the album for us. He is incredibly talented and a hard worker...we are so honored to have him work on this project.
  • Thank you to Jason Halbert for mastering the album...Jason is also one of our closest friends and someone that we get to tour with, but he is hands down one of the MOST talented producers/musicians/writers out there...thank you so much Jason for working your music magic and encouraging us to keep doing our thing...and for always playing our "year from now" game :)
  • Thank you to Todd Pinckney of Todd James Photography for doing an amazing job shooting pics of us & for designing the cover of the album! Todd is ridiculously talented AND also one of the best guys on the planet. He has always supported any j&k happy to have him SO involved in this project.
  • Thank you to Ashley Donovan for lending her outstanding hair and makeup skills for our album photo-shoot. Ashley is one of our closest friends and she happens to be one of the most talented hair/makeup artists out there...she did such a great job :) Much love to her for making us look pretty...and she is super funny...which makes long days fantastic.
  • Thank you to our dear friend Meghan for being one of the biggest j&k supporters AND the best lighting assistant ever (haha)! Meghan is a high school math teacher/amazing basketball coach through the year--and she was kind enough to lend some time during her summer months to help us with the photo shoot. She was the ultimate assistant to all of us and held lights up for hours until her arms were ready to break...thank you are the best!!
  • Thank you to Will & Angie Gray...Will is the go-to person for everything and anything we need-always. They have always believed in us and encouraged us and for that we are super thankful.
  • Thank you to Reva for all of the encouragement along the way to keep making music...even when it's hard. Reva is selfless and loving and we are so thankful to have her as a friend...and also a co-writer of "Tired of Being Alone" :)
  • Thank you to all of our friends and fans that get what we do. If it weren't for your support and encouragement along the way, we might not have made this album. Thank you for watching our blogs every month. Thank you for always leaving comments and thank you for being so kind...we really can't believe that we get to do what we get to do.