Patty, Puking, and Paramedics.

It was supposed to be the perfect Monday. A Monday that would end in basking in the presence of Patty Griffin in all of her Ryman glory. We bought tickets the day they went on sale. This was NOT a show we were going to miss. Well, we DID technically miss the show...and the night looked a little more like this:

photo 3


So, let's back up to Sunday. Jill woke up not feeling great. The stomach bug that has been going around Nashville had  found its way over to her. She felt awful most of the day and was pretty out of it, but pulled herself together for our StageIt show. I, on the other hand, was feeling totally 100% fine.

Fast forward to Monday morning at around 2am...I wake up feeling not so great. I was super nauseous. Then I finally started throwing up at 4am. I had gotten whatever Jill had. I had a fever. But it still did not cross my mind that I would not be attending that Patty show.

Jill felt better Monday. I laid in bed most of the day and was feeling a little better by the afternoon and was going to fight through to make it to see Patty on stage at 8:30PM.

*All I had eaten was 2 pieces of dry toast and ginger ale...all day.*

Before I left the house at around 7:00pm, I took an anti-nausea pill (ones that I had left over from the stint of Ecoli I'd had a few years back...doesn't my life just sound peachy?) We got to the Ryman. We waited outside for our friend Ryan. We sat outside trying to get as much fresh air as possible...and then I started feeling really queezy again. Then it got real bad. So I walked around the side area of the outside of the building and threw up. Yup, I'm the girl that throws up outside of the Ryman...totally sober. But guys...that's how badly I wanted to see Patty. I wiped the throw-up from the side of my mouth pulled myself together...and felt a little better. So we headed inside.

Not the smartest decision I've ever made. If I was sick enough to be throwing up I should have gone home...but, Patty rules all, so I had to try.

We sat in our seats. I was feeling better. The opener was just introducing his last song...and then Patty came out and sang with him...YAY...I had made it...I saw Patty sing! He finishes. House lights go up. And that's when everything went south for me. I started feeling really hot and queezy. I started feeling light-headed. Finally I looked at Jill and Ryan and said I need to go because I thought I was going to faint.

I stood up to walk up the stairs and everything went fuzzy. I fainted right at the top--I think on one of those precious 85 year old ushers they have at the Ryman. They are so cute in their red coats. Poor guy didn't even see me coming. I came back to consciousness with everyone staring at me and I tried to get back up...everything was fuzzy. Even my hearing. It sounded like I was in a fish bowl...and that freaked me out. I stood up walked a few feet and then collapsed again. That's when they got me a wheelchair and called the paramedics. They wheeled me out to the lobby and I could hear Patty walk onto the stage. *There was nothing but sadness in my heart at this very moment.* I tried to get Jill and Ryan to go back in so they wouldn't miss the show but they wouldn't leave me.

The fire fighters & EMT's came. Checked me out. I felt so awful and just wanted to go home. Did I mention they were really cute? I must have been feeling better because I felt inclined to tell them that they were all really good looking. Go figure.

They said that my blood pressure was reallllllllly low and I was dehydrated and that's why I passed out. I declined the offer for them to take me to the hospital...even though in the romantic comedy that played out in my head that's totally how I would meet my paramedic husband...I would ride back to the hospital and he would dote on me and even though I looked like a hot-horrible-mess who had just fainted he would see my true colors and fall head over heels in love...and it would all start in the back of an ambulance. Back in reality land...

They told Jill and Ryan to take me to the hospital and they did. They checked my heart and started an IV...every single nurse/doctor/janitor that came into my room commented on my VERY EXTREMELY LOW blood pressure. One guy even called it "elementary school girl" blood pressure. HA. After about 3 hours of pumping me full of fluids and anti-nausea meds they let me go.

So that's my crazy story of how my dedication to want to see Patty got the best of me.

I would like to point out that Ryan took all of these pictures as all of this drama unfolded. I mean, he does all of our pictures and videos and so it seemed fitting for him to document this. Haha...he said he felt somewhat inappropriate taking pictures during this, but thought we'd appreciate it later on for a blog post. Well played, Ryan, well played.

photo 2

Cute paramedics helping me out.

photo 1Commotion outside the Ryman.

Moral of the story is...I love Patty and would do anything to see her the Ryman. But I really need to pay more attention to my body...when it's telling me to slow down and take it easy I probably should.

Probably also not great that the next day we got on a plane to CO to play a house show for my family/friends...

But I have rested and nothing is better than Mom checking on me and making sure I'm better.