Oven Fire 2013 (Day #30)

So...we've never used the self-clean feature on our oven...until tonight. After the holiday cooking spree there has been quite a bit of oven-spillage and anytime recently that you used the oven it would smoke just a tiny little bit. So...we decided tonight would be the perfect night to give it a go. Get it all nice and clean for the New Year. We turned it on around 6pm and because Kate is a little paranoid about fire safety she double checked where the fire extinguisher was under the sink and familiarized herself with the ins and outs of its use.

So...the oven is self-cleaning. We were exchanging stories of our holidays with our families as Jill had just gotten back from New England earlier that afternoon. Kate kept saying how it was smelling funny and was worried about the oven. Jill reassured her that's just what ovens do while cleaning. We kept talking. Kate kept checking the oven.

About 15 minutes into "the supposed cleaning" Kate looked over and there were FLAMES INSIDE THE OVEN.


Emergency planning immediately activates.

We freak out and sprint towards the oven. Jill turns off the oven. Kate grabs fire extinguisher from under the sink. We both try to open oven. OVEN IS LOCKED.

MORE FREAKING OUT as we see more flames.



Freak out, freak out, freak out...

Oven starts beeping. AHHhhhhh.....

Kate calls her mom. The landlord. Reaches neither. OMG. Opens back door just in case an escape path is needed.

This is the worst self cleaning oven ever.

Once we calm ourselves a little we talk to some people "in the know" and they say that's not entirely too strange. WHAT? Who has ever heard of this...and why have WE never heard of this? And how is this safe?? Fires...in ovens...on purpose??? NO!!!

So...we googled it. Apparently...that can happen. While it's not normal...it can happen...and apparently that's why there is that dandy little safety lock on the oven. If we would have opened it we would have probably a) burned our faces off and b) burned the whole place down. Because fire likes air. Maybe one of the hot firefighters from Chicago Fire would have come saved us. Yes. Please. Anyway...

So...thanks Kenmore for making your oven locks so darn sturdy but no thanks for having a fire start in our oven while on cleaning mode.

We may never use the oven again. Kate cried. A lot. It literally took 4 hours for her to calm down. Like lots of crying.



Be safe people. And keep your ovens clean and your fire extinguishers handy.