About six weeks ago some super awesome peeps gave us the first two seasons of the television drama "One Tree Hill"...known to hardcore fans as "OTH." We decided to give it a whirl...see what all the fuss is about...and now...I (kate) have watched the ENTIRE first season and am on the second...how did that happen? Jill is almost done with the first season and so now we can start talking about these lovely ficticious characters together :) See below: Okay. Pause. I was going to insert cute pictures of all of the characters here but I just googled it to find pretty pics & ALL of these articles, and pics showed up and I started to read some of it and I DONT WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENS...these people were gonna give it away....all of these crazy things about people leaving the show...etc....I want to live in naivety and NOT FIND OUT.

Nope. Nope. Nope. So, no cute pics of all of the characters....but I will say if you need some good, high-school, love-triangle induced drama....One Tree Hill is your show...haha...i almost typed one tree jill :)

Oh and here's a funny story about OTH. As I was flying to Chicago a few days ago for Christmas I was on a tiny little plane and of course I busted my computer out and started watching the latest drama go down between Lucas, Brooke, Nathan, Hailey, etc and then I noticed a guy sit down behind me...I continue watching....

An hour later, we are getting off of the plane & we start chatting (which at this point I realize he is quite nice to look at;) ) and then he says, "Do you mind me asking...what show was that you were watching?" HAHA...I turned a bright little shade of red and told him what it was...I guess I was embarrassed that I wasn't watching indie documentaries or war movies...nope...cheesy TV drama...and I LIKED IT. Haha...but then he told me that his roommates in college used to watch the show all the time so he recognized the characters...woohoo...another win for OTH.

Anyway--this blog turned out differently than I thought it would...but really just a big thank you for getting us hooked on the dramatic lives of the kiddos' of One Tree Hill.