One Last Thing...

So again...we are borrowing the idea from PEOPLE magazine & their "One Last Thing" fun. Joe and your perfectly manicured eyebrows are just we will take a stab at your survey. Here it goes.

Last Celebrity Crush....

Jill: Ben Affleck. He's a Boston boy...need I say more?

Kate: I had a momentary SNL crush on Andy Samberg. All those SNL boys are so nice &  funny. But it would never work out...I think I'd want to one-up him with my jokes...cause I'm very funny. Haha. See?

Last Album I Bought...

Jill: Jack's Mannequin...I bought a bunch of their older albums on an iTunes shopping spree.

Kate: Ben Howard's album "Every Kingdom." He has such a cool voice. "Gracious" and "Promise" are some of my favorites so far.

Last Gift I Gave...

Jill: A massage. No...I didn't actually "give" someone a massage...I gave my friend a gift certificate "for" a massage.

Kate: My brother's birthday Xbox game. Some game where I'm sure there is violence and blowing things up...therefore I'm participating in the general chaos of the pre-teen generation.

Last Time I Apologized...

Jill: Two minutes ago. Don't ask.

Kate: Two minutes ago. Really...don't ask :)

(We bicker like sisters, okay? Deal with it.)

Last Coupon I Used...

Jill: A coupon for a free oil change. Boo-yeah!

Kate: don't think I've used a coupon since 1998. Haha. I probably have I just can't remember it. Hahahahha.

Well wasn't that fun!!!