Once Upon A Gym.

The gym is a funny place. I actually really like working out--it releases some sort of natural zen that helps me feel normal and happy. I enjoy taking out all sorts of emotion at the gym--from rage/anger to euphoria/happiness...it all comes out at the gym from time to time. I genuinely love that tuckered out feeling at the end of a hard workout. It's good times for this kid. Something funny I've noticed is how many people are checking each other out at the gym...nothing new there right? Right. Well, I've never met anyone of the opposite sex at the gym cause when I am sweaty, look like my head might explode from heat, and probably smelling a little funky...I'm not exactly enthused to put myself out there and try to find Mr. Right.

The gym can actually be quite a vulnerable place. People can learn a lot about you on those machines...you have to enter some personal info...some that I don't really want the person/people next to me to see. Example: you get on a machine...first question...how long do you wanna go on the machine? Ok--this one isn't so bad...but if people are watching...you might bump up that 15 min on the stairmaster to 20. Just me? Ok...moving on. Then they want you to enter your weight. Oh geez. At this point I'm starting to look around and see if anyone is peeking at my screen. The default number is low so you hit the arrow button up and every time it beeps. Up, up, dang it, why doesn't it go up in incriments of 5's. Beep, beep, beep, beep. Oh shoot. Anyway....Then they want your age. And it automatically starts at 20 so again I'm left hitting the up button, beep...beep...beep....beep...the incessant beeping of the last few minutes has caused people to turn, stare...oh man...uncomfortable for sure.

Yeah...the gym is a funny place...and a place where people can learn a lot about you...without you necessarily wanting them to. Whatever. The weirdest thing I ever saw on a gym TV was this:

HAha...yeah...that was funny!! I was working out and looked down & I was like...THAT'S ME!!! Woohoo!

What about you...do you like going to the gym? What's your deal? Yes, no?