On the Up & Up.

Okay...a few things. 1. It wont stop raining in Nashville...did we get transported to Seattle and not know it?

2. So we just updated the show information for the Boston show...check it out below.

3. We are not happy that the show venues are 21+. We are obviously not trying to leave ANYONE out :) We'd like everyone there but venues are pretty strict about not bending that rule. However, we have not forgotten about you...and we are working on maybe squeezing in a couple coffee house type gigs to make all you 21 and under lovers happy :)

4. There isn't really a fourth. Well, here's something...went through the McDonald's drive-thru this morning (for a Vanilla Iced Coffee) and saw a sign in the parking lot that said "No Backpacks-No Loitering". I didn't know McDonald's didn't like backpacks. Which Jill then informed me is normal in the city. Weird.

Hugs, love and rain.