It's difficult to gather thoughts and words to describe the evening we had on December 16th, 2010. It will go down in the books as one of the best nights...EVER. We cannot thank everyone enough for their involvement, support, love, emails, tweets, long road-trips, talent, cheering, giving, etc. The "A Night For Hope" benefit was a success before anyone even stepped in the building that night. Because of everyone's generous donations, we had already raised over $5,000 dollars before the show even started!! So, we knew that no matter what--everyone had already given and contributed SO much...the show was just the icing on top. We'll give you a run down of the day...since some of you weren't able to be there (we did miss you though!)...here's a play by play...we wish we'd snapped more pics throughout the day, but we didn't....however some awesome peeps emailed us some pictures so we could borrow them for this blog...thanks guys for sending 'em over!

8:30AM: Woke up & kate opened her present from jill!!! A FROZEN YOGURT/ICE CREAM MAKER :) She knows me well...I cannot wait to bust this thing open and make some fro-yo. Ate breakfast with Todd and got ready for the big day.

11:00AM: Team Rapier...aka...my wonderful family arrives into town. We hang at the house, talk over the schedule of events and Bill's MC script, looked at the beautiful guitar that was donated by Guitar Center, Todd (who'd driven in from Chicago a few days prior) made some sweet fliers (see below) and then we all ate some lunch....Pam, (Kate's mom's) homemade soup.

1:00PM: We realize we haven't picked a third song for our set...hmmm...many debates....instead of picking a third, we practice "Iris" some more :) Decide to wing it and decide later.

2:00PM: Leave house--drive to venue--someone let us know people were already lined up outside...craziness!!! Upon getting to venue, we walk in & are super surprised to see two dear friends who had driven in the night before!! We had no idea they were coming....yay Peggy & Martyn!

3:00PM: Soundcheck central. Mic check. Guitar check. Practice time...haha...we decide our third song in soundcheck...lovely. We are so totally prepared. While other people soundcheck, Ashley & I set up the candles & hang the pictures all around the room.

5:00PM: The t-shirts arrive & we start the signing party. Hair & make-up are in full swing. Printing ticket info for Gaby & Eric at the door...pizza is ordered...delivery 6:00PM. Woohoo!

6:00PM: Pizza arrives, friends start arriving, final touches to the room, more hair and makeup, lots of traffic outside....excitement is over the top....

6:30PM: Right before doors opened--we looked at each other and laughed hysterically....what were we doing??? Doors open. People get out of the cold!!

7:30PM: We open the evening with Bill & welcome everyone & then everyone sings Happy Birthday to Kennedy & Kate...aka...birthday girls :)

7:35PM: Kennedy rocks the house...she's young but already fabulous.

8:00PM: Nick Britt takes the stage...he wins people over in 2.2 seconds and then dedicates a song to Jill...precious.

8:15PM: Yours truly take the stage....we sat, we played, we laughed & everyone sang along to "You Never Know" (which is the one we picked during soundcheck!)...made our hearts unspeakably happy.

8:30PM: Ashely Arrison  heads to the stage...looking jazzy...sounds beautiful. Who doesn't love "Time After Time?"

8:50PM Shane McAnally gets up and makes you love him. Done. And done. He's so sweet!!

9:15PM: Jessie McNamara and Kate announce a few raffle winners...she's so funny!!!

9:35PM: Kelly takes the stage...brings the house down. Plays a new song...love, love, love it.

9:55PM: Announce the big raffle winner...the signed electric guitar that was donated by Guitar Center...

10:00PM: We thanked everyone and then did lots of hugging, picture taking, OTH talking, and overall cheering for how fun the evening was.

11:05PM: Todd & Kate are the last to leave the building...exhausted...but overwhelmed by how much fun that was.... :) Kate is also sporting her new hat ;)

Then when we got home some friends & family ate some delicious food my mom & jill made..I blew out candles...drank some drinks...and was merry.

4:30AM: GO TO SLEEP!!!

One of the most amazing/awesome/fabulous things is that everyone has tagged videos/pictures/tweets with #anightforhope & so the website is still getting LOTS of traffic and people are STILL DONATING!!!! THANK YOU :) You guys made that happen...not us, not the performers, y'all did that. Go ahead, pat yourselves on the back!! Total we have raised almost $10,000 dollars...thank you, thank you, thank you!!!