No Backup Plan

Hey guys... Kate here.

As 2014 is already 13 days in I thought I'd share a goal of mine for this new year...and it kind of just came to me yesterday so that still counts right? I was driving around yesterday I looked toward the south (Franklin/Spring Hill area) and sometimes in this one pocket of sky I see hot air balloons. I always think they look cool but have never been in one...and here's why: There is no backup plan. If something goes wrong you are just going straight down. That's why I was slightly terrified on a helicopter ride I took a few years ago...if something goes wrong on a helicopter you are just going straight down. On a plane there are backup engines and at the very least wings so that YOU CAN GLIDE (please, dear God...if I am wrong about the plane...DO NOT TELL ME...I really need those things to get around :)).

Hot air balloons and helicopters are just going DOWN. There is no backup plan.

Driving around yesterday it just hit me in the face: In 2014, do more things without a backup plan.

And I'm not just talking about hot air balloon rides, but in life...I'm such a planner. I always have a backup option. Always thinking 15 steps ahead...I think it keeps me from taking certain risks and it keeps me from being in the moment.

So, in 2014...I'm gonna try to do more things without a backup plan.

Here's to trying new things...