New T-Shirts!


We have brand NEW T-shirts in our j&k store! They are super soft & the design has a fun story behind it.

Our friend Emily is a super talented photographer/designer and so we asked her to design a new j&k t-shirt for us. We wanted something simple, yet meaningful and she had this idea. She asked us to scan some of our songwriting journals to her. All of our chicken scratch & crazy notes from writing we scanned & sent to her...

She then took all of those notes and created the ampersand sign with them. So all of the writing in the "&" sign is our handwritten lyrics. If you look closely you can see a few words, arrows pointing to different sections...all of it is our handwriting.

Anyway...we LOVE how these shirts turned out and we hope you like them too! They are all unisex shirts size S-XXL.

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