My thought for the moment.

photo I took this pic from my dressing room door in Des Moines...I have never seen firworks that big, that close. It sounded like bombs were exploding in the room next door. Actually kind of scary.

Speaking of scary things...insecurity has been on my mind lots lately. I wish I could speak about the word like I couldn't relate to it, but I'm human so I deal with insecurities like everyone does. The funny thing about insecurity is it's like a toxin. It might seem small and insignificant, but if you don't deal with can ruin you. Insecurity is funny in a way because it turns things into a lie. It can be other people's thoughts/actions or words or even your own...and what insecurity does is convert what would be a normal thing into a lie. (I hope this is making sense.)

Insecurity can and will only slow you down, hold you back and possibly stifle your dreams. So when an insecure thought pops into your head, squash the thought. Have the sane part of yourself remind you of all the truths that you know and go from there. If you dwell on all the "what if's" and insecurities, you can make yourself crazy.

Be confident. Be yourself. And don't believe the lies.

OK? Ok.

Have a great Thursday.