Music Update (Day #22)

We've been rambling lately on this blog about random things like Nancy Kerrigan or about how sometimes we are A-holes, but what we haven't told you is that we have a TON of new music we are working on! This year was a year of writing, writing, writing for us and we are so pumped about how some of these new tunes are coming out.

We are getting back in the studio January 1st...YEAH, you heard it right! We are starting out 2014 with a bang and we are gonna be working our butts off to get you all kinds of new J&K music this year.


So, thanks for continuing to listen to our music, for giving us your feedback on our Songs on the 17th, and for being overall awesome. You inspire us to keep making new music, so THANKS!

For now, there are Christmas cookies to be eaten and Christmas wine to be drunk. Drank? Drunk? Drink, drank, drunk. Whatever. NEW MUSIC! Coming atcha soon!