More things you might not know about jillandkate...

Two questions from someone who didn't leave their name... What is your favorite episode of Gilmore Girls and your favorite character? (it has to be Loralie btw) :)

Of course our favorite character is Lorelai!

Jill's favorite episode is "Raincoats and Recipes" in season 4. (Yes, I had to look that up...I didn't know the title by heart.) I am not going to give away what happens for anyone who has yet to experience the magic of GG.

Kate's favorite episode is: Ooohhh...I don't know if I have a favorite but I like the one where Lorelai calls her mom and pretends to leave a voicemail when her mom is actually on the's pretty funny.

Next question from another no-namer:

Are you still going to be touring with Kelly in 2010?

Yup and we are excited to kick off the European tour in less than 2 weeks...we've never been to Ireland before so can't wait to start the tour in Dublin! Less than 2 weeks people...less than 2 weeks!!!!!!

From Melissa:

1) Jill, are you ever going to share chords to y'alls songs with us? Covering your stuff would be so much easier! ;)

I didn't know this was a request...I'll see what I can do! :)

2) When you write a song, do you have a certain process? Do you write lyrics & melody first or the music? Or vice versa? OR...does it just depend?

It totally depends, but I'd say most of the time for us it starts with a lyric idea. Then we usually pick up the guitar or sit at the piano and build it from there. Then again, sometimes we'll have a whole song idea with no lyrics. You never can tell how a song will be written. That's what makes it so exciting.

Natalia from Poland asks:

1) I know you guys visit a lot of European countries but you've never been to Poland ( my beautiful country :) So my question is  what comes to your mind when you think of Poland? Do you have any  associations with this country? And we have great vodka here so you should come haha!

Well, now you have us thinking of Vodka when we think of Poland...haha...anyway...hmm...when I think of Poland, I think of long last names that end in 'ski' :) Maybe we'll make it to Poland sometime and make some Polish memories...and maybe they will include Polish vodka.

2) Which member of KC's band do you find the most attractive ?  And I know they all have wives and girlfriends but it's just a question:) So please tell us:) They are all pretty hot so I guess that would be a hard decision to make:)

Oh, they're all so handsome and charming, how could we choose? :)

From Linda:

Now that you live in Nashville... music city, do you find yourself any more inspired?

Yes. Nashville is amazing. There are crazy talented people here and on any given night you can see inspiring shows all over town. What a great place to live. Love, love, love Nashville.

From Erin:

I'm feening!!! I'm stuck on a stupid island and nobody ever comes to Hawaii! Will you guys ever make an appearence on Oahu?

Oh my gosh...can we PLEASE come to Hawaii? We LOVE Hawaii and feel as strongly as you do about making an appearance there. Let's make that happen, okay? Okay.

Anakellya asks:

Jill and Kate, are you morning or night people? (:

Night night night night night. :)

Do you ever get emotional when singing a song that you've written that's really personal? Does it ever bring you back to that moment and to how you were feeling?

Yeah, definitely. For instance, everytime we play East Coast Bound, I miss home and the Atlantic ocean. :) -j

From Cate:

Where can u purchase cheap car insurance??? Lol only joking! My actual question has much more standing and importance...when you's are in Dublin have you's a drinking hole sorted for before or after the show!? Just making sure that you get a proper impression of what life is like in the green isle when you come in Feburary!

Well, we've heard that 15 minutes can save you 15% or more on your car insurance at GEICO! Just kidding. We don't know any of the cool drinking holes in Dublin, so give us the scoop won't you? We are very excited about Ireland...have we mentioned that?

From Jamie:

Can I sell merch at your next show pretty please with cherries on top? And did my open mic attempt make you cry with how awful it was? :)

Haha, with cherries on top? Well you must really want to then. Haha. Your open mic was they all were! Everyone who did it was so brave...I don't think any of us would have been that brave. Kudos.

Noelle from Vegas asks:

1.) What songs are on your iPods that you would be embarassed for people to know you have?

Well, I'm not necessarily embarrassed of this, but it's something that I definitely get made fun of for...I have a few Hanson albums on my iPod. You can laugh if you must. :) -jill

I am embarrassed that I own the Pussycat Dolls song "Beep". It's the only song I own from their wide catalogue of though-provoking songs--I hate the lyrics but for some reason it found it's way into my iTunes collection and I haven't deleted it yet. Hmmm... -kate

2.) Are you ladies going to perform in Vegas at some point? Because I know I'd be front and center if you ever do :)

Did you not hear that we are opening a new J&K Cirque de Soleil show in Vegas this year? Just kidding...if we ever perform in Vegas, we'll let ya know.

3.) If you had the opportunity to have a  deep conversation with someone about anything, who would it be and what do you think you would talk about? (It can be someone dead it alive)

For me it would be my great grandmother. She died when I was 11, but I have great memories of her and would love to pick her brain about my family history, what life was like for her in the 1900's and just have a cup of coffee with her now that I'm grown up. -jill

I'd want to talk to Bono when he was 20. -k

From Jenna:

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

Jill: Invisibility.

Kate: Definitely SuperGirl. Like Phoebe.

From Monica:

What type of students were you in school? What kind of activities did you participate in?

Jill: Well, I did alright in school, but I have no memory of doing homework ever. I don't know how I pulled that off...or maybe I just blocked it out, but I literally cannot EVER remember doing homework. I did well in English and languages, but was absolutely HORRIBLE in math and science. I hated them...Can you say right-brained? Also, I skipped a LOT of classes in college. Nap-time was so much more interesting to me. :) But don't tell your parents I told you that. Stay in school and study hard! (haha) But don't forget to enjoy life and not take school TOO seriously.

Kate: I was a pretty good student I guess...I definitely enjoyed the social aspect of it all a bit more than the studying part...haha...I went to school on 3 different continents & one island. Yup. True story.

Which song of yours are you most proud of? And which is your favorite to sing live?

I don't know if I'm most proud of any song in particular--they all mean something different to me. I'm assuming it's like can't pick your favorite kid. Haha...well at least you're not supposed to :) My favorite song to sing live would probably be Finding My Own Way. -k

Ditto what Kate said on the first part...and my favorite song to sing live is probably either East Coast Bound or You Never Know.

Do you have any fears or phobias?

Kate: I HATE birds. Don't ask me why but I HATE birds. My phobia is being surrounded by birds. I HATE birds. And small spaces or heights.

Jill: I have a phobia of being around Kate WHEN she's surrounded by birds. You people have NO idea.

Have any of those hair ties left, Jill? Haha

I do, actually! Thanks for those...they have lasted a long time...I actually just got to the second pack!