More of your questions...answered.

Happy Saturday! Here are some questions that you guys asked us wayyyyy back in the day--we are answering them little by little!

Hope you have a fun weekend.


Anakellya: What is the best part about your job?

Traveling, doing what we love, meeting great people...those are just a few. There a lot of really GREAT things about our job!

Emma (she's got a few questions): 1. What are your fave songs of all time and why?

Jill: "Stay" by Lisa Loeb. It's simply my favorite song ever written.

Kate: I hate this question....I stew over it for hours...I would have to say "Top of the World" by Patty Griffin.

2. Edward Cullen or Bill Compton (True Blood)?

Edward. (Neither of us have seen True I guess Edward has an unfair advantage.)

3. Is there a difference between UK and US fans?

Yes. The UK fans seem to have this crazy accent going on. What's that about?? :) Just kidding. We love all fans the same.

4. Please will u do a UK gig for us soon? (Louise asked this too)

We hope to. Seriously. We miss those accents.

Jen: Can fans only get your songs off Youtube and will you guys ever do your own concert?

Fans can get our songs on iTunes or order our CD's from our new online store! And yes...we just played on July 1st and are hoping to do some more shows soon! Check back to our blog soon to see when we might play a last minute show near you!

Stephany: 1.What was your reaction at all the press you ladies received for NSOT17th for The Climb?

It was crazy! Who knew it would get press at all? We love that song and are glad other people seemed to like that video. :)

2. If you could go back in time to see how they were as a kid who would you chose between Jason, Cory, Einar, Ric, Miles, or Aben?

Jill: Einar for sure. Oooh...Miles would be a good option too. The best would be to see all of them hanging out together as kids. Haha. That would be a good time.

Kate: Hmm....I would say Miles...he's so entertaining to watch as an adult I can only imagine his energy as a child :)

3. How do your families feel about you guys being away for long periods of time?

How could they not miss these faces? But in all seriousness, both of our families are very supportive of what we do. We have both been blessed with really great families.

Lauren: What I'd like to know is do you have a favorite inspirational quote and also who inspires you, what inspires you?

Jill: I love this quote from the movie "The Answer Man" which I think we've blogged about before. Lauren Graham's character says that there are three rules she lives by:

1. Don't take advice from someone you wouldn't trade places with.

2. Try not to do something you can't take back.

3. Something is what it is and it's not something else.

I also am inspired by Emily Dickinson poems and Patty Griffin songs. Most of all, I think I mostly find inspiration in the people around me. You usually don't have to look to far to find inspiring people.

Kate: There is a book called "Who You Are When No One's Looking" and the whole premise is that 'character' is who you are when no one's looking. I love that. Also I get tons of inspiration from other blogs that I read (I'm kind of a nerd-haha) but there is something about people being honest in the situations they find themselves in...whether it's motherhood or decorating... I love reading all different blogs.

Ashley: What's your absolute favorite song to perform live?

Jill: Finding My Own Way or Pop Song.

Kate: "You Might Break My Heart" on the piano.

Elizabeth: What did you guys do for NYE? Did you get to spend it in nashville or at home with your fam?

New Year's was in Nashville this year and pretty low key. We'd been traveling SO much that it was nice to just chill at home. :)


More questions to come--slowly, but surely. :)