At the end of this Mother's Day, a really heavy thought is on my mind. I keep thinking about all of the babies out there that have no one to call mom. The mom-less. I watched this SoulPancake video today (which is so ridiculously cute...I swear all the videos from #KidPresident I watch at least 10 times) and in the video he talks about how moms make everything better. How moms tell us that everything is going to be okay. How moms change the world with their love. And that has certainly been my experience with my mom. She is my number 1 fan. She has demonstrated sacrificial love for my siblings and me over and over again. This notion of "moms make everything better" is absolutely known in my heart, mind and life. (Let me also make mention that my dad is just as amazing but since it's Mother's day that's where my focus is :))

And so tonight I think about all those babies with no mom. The children that need their moms to tell them that they can chase after any dream. That they can achieve great, incredible things. They need a mom to tell them that everything is going to be okay.

I think about the kids that I know by name that have no one to call mom. The kids in Africa that I know personally...their individual stories of heart ache and abandonment. Their stories of loss and grief and sadness. These kids are just the tiniest percentage of kids all around the world that can identify as mom-less.

My heart is heavy tonight for those precious faces that so long for that "mom role" to be filled in their lives.

I am such an action person and "fixer" that it literally kills my soul sometimes to know that I alone cannot fix this problem. I know it sounds silly but that is how my brain works...that's how I'm wired....I want to find moms & dads for all those kids out there that don't have any.

What can I do from here? What can you do? Well I've brainstormed a little & here are my thoughts:

Locally, step up for someone who might need that role of mom filled. You don't have to be someone's biological mother to help mother a child. Spend time with them. Show up for them. Find a kid in your neighborhood or through a Big Brothers/Big Sisters program or The Mentoring doesn't need to be an orphan or a kid from the projects...maybe it's a kid whose parents are going through a divorce and you've been there so you can relate. Maybe you've noticed a younger kid in your school that doesn't have many friends. Find someone who might need that extra encouragement and go cheerlead for them.

Globally, find an organization that is helping care for orphans. Educate yourself on the orphan crisis. Whatever country you are in there are most likely orphans. Find ways to help. Raise money. Raise awareness. Talk about it. Talk about it. Talk about it. I definitely don't have all the answers but I think discussion is a great tool for this great need/crisis. I know that my dad's organization African Leadership Development is constantly looking at new projects for the Houses of Hope Africa and so if you are looking for an organization to get involved in, that's a great one. (Pardon my bias.) And by all means, if Houses of Hope Africa is not your thing there are a number of other ones that might be: Warm Blankets International, Kids Around The World, World Orphans , Thirst Relief , Amazima Ministries are just to name a very few.

There are also super cool organizations that allow you to help people in third world countries by buying their stuff: 31 Bits & Crotchet Kids are just a few off the top of my head. This can help moms that may be in danger of losing their children (because they are not able to provide for them) to earn money and keep their kids with them. This helps keep kids out of the mom-less category.

Show love.



PS. Here are some little faces that I get to love in South Africa...