Missing Computer

I was missing my computer...cause it was a little bit broken...and it took several trips to the Apple store genius bar to get it back to healthy status....seriously...I'm on a first name basis with lots of the geniuses... ( surprising... I think not ;) ) One time I was there for so long I had to bust my apple out of my bag and start eating it cause my blood sugar was plummeting. Little irony for you there folks...eating an apple in THE apple store. You're welcome.

I missed my computer. Leaving it overnight at the Apple store made me kinda sad... it sort of felt like I had forgotten to pick my kid up from day care....no, not really, (parents don't get mad because I just compared my computer to a child...I promise I know the difference...) it just felt like I was missing a limb or something.

Moral of the story is... it's back! Yahooo :)

I worked a little bit on Jill's computer but I couldn't bring myself to blog on her computer. It  just didn't feel right. It was like I was cheating on my box. And everything felt wrong on her computer. Her hot corners annoy me and her toolbar is on the bottom and mine is on the side...it's just all wrong.

So now just prepare to get a plethora of blogs in the days to come because for the past two weeks I've just been stewing on things I want to talk about.

What have I been doing with no computer? Well....a whole bunch of songwriting....which has been amazing. Sometimes songs just flow out of you and recently Jill and I have been sort of nonstop writing. Been loving it.

Also, we are expanding our #jillandkatejewels efforts...which basically means we've been working on a BUNCH of new designs for our jewelry. We are also starting to do custom orders...in the next few days we will be unveiling new items...so stay tuned for that. In the meantime if you would like a custom order done...head on over to our Etsy store to see what we can make for you!