London pretty much ruled.

So, guys. We went to London on Sunday...arrived earllllly Monday morning and played our very FIRST international show on Monday night. It was all sorts of magical. Seriously. We played at this amazingly cute club called AlleyCat & the vibe was perfect. We had a wonderful bunch of friends/fans show up & we could not have asked for a better evening. It was such a blast playing in London.

(Sorry for cutting out some heads in this pic!!!!)

We ate some yummy Indian food after the was late and literally the ONLY two restaurants that were open near our hotel were Indian places. We picked one and the other place was clearly jealous. But we stuffed our faces and then slept, slept, slept...we were exhausted and jet lag was creeping.

But that didn't stop us from painting the town red on Tuesday...we hopped on the red bus...saw all sorts of fun touristy stuff. Including but not limited to : Big Ben, Parliament, the London eye, Buckingham Palace and real authentic fish & chips...oh and sticky toffee pudding....HECK YES. It was our tour manager/viedographer's first  time to London so he captured a great deal for us and he will be posting pics soon :)

Later that night we played our second show at Floripa...a great restaurant/music venue. Again, we were absolutely blown away by the number of people that came to the shows. They took planes, trains and buses to get to our show and our hearts were seriously bursting at the seams. We felt so much love. It was amazing.

Wednesday came and we were sad to say ta-ta to the UK but we have made many promises of a flu UK/European tour to come. We will somehow make that happen...if we can make 2 London shows happen in 10 days notice who's to say we can't finagle a whole tour? Dreaming big in 2013.

We are in Africa now and already got to spend some quality time with the kids at one of the Houses of Hope. These kids are seriously amazing. Their joy. Their tenacity for life. We will post pictures and updates as internet allows.

Much love-


PS. A special edition of Song on the 17th is hopefully uploading soon...but internet is shady...we are in Africa you know ;)