Lighting of the Green (31 Days-Day #2)

We just got home from seeing Amy Grant host the Lighting of the Green at Lipscomb University. It's the 2nd time we've gone and she's hosted it for 10 years. IT IS THE BEST…mostly just because Amy is there and that's pretty much all it takes…but…it gets even better….she invites friends to come play songs…she talks in-between their sets…and then she plays songs. WE GET TO STAND IN TENNESSEE WHILE SHE PLAYS TENDER TENNESSEE CHRISTMAS! Do you know what a big deal this is? We both grew up listening to her music AND her Christmas music…so it's surreal listening to these songs sung in the same way, with her same awesome voice….standing in our now home city of Nashville.

IMG_4070Amy Grant…just doing her thing.

AND if that doesn't sound magical enough….tonight Vince Gill came out and sang too(!!!!) He's never done it any year before…so this was special. He sang "Oh Holy Night" and "Give Me Jesus"…not sure there was a dry eye after he finished singing his second song. What a voice.

IMG_4074Vince in his white jacket looking all dapper.

What hearts those two have. Cool to see a couple so dedicated to one another.

All the feels…we are just gonna go to bed smiling from ear to ear tonight because, well, Amy & Vince and us and about 3,000 other people were all standing in a room listening to these songs…celebrating music and Jesus and community.

What a gift this season is. Unto us a Savior is born.