Light Outside

Well, it's light outside and I'm in bed already. I guess that's what jet lag will do to you. Currently my body thinks it's 2:58am when really it's only 8:58pm. I did wake up nice and early this morning with the sun...just after 5am (which I actually didn't mind.) See, I'm home. I got to go downstairs and use my own coffeemaker, with my favorite mug and use just the right amount of hazelnut creamer. I didn't mind that the sun was just coming up. Besides that when you are up that early I feel like you are clearly justified to have 2 breakfasts. I had a bowl of cereal around 5:45am and by 9:00am I was ready for breakfast #2 (eggs, toast, beans & bacon....missing the UK obviously.) Haha...breakfast maybe is the best meal of the day so any reason to have it twice works for me.

We had such a great time in Africa & the UK. We promise to post lots of pics & tell lots of stories. Not right this second cause I'm fading fast...but wow. We got to hang/play with the kids at 2 different Houses of Hope Africa homes and see a lit bit more what their lives are like there. These kids are amazing. They continue to teach us about joy & unconditional love.

On top of that we got to leave Africa & fly to the UK to play shows & have our hearts & minds absolutely overflow with love from the fans over there. We had awesome fan meet ups, made new we took in every bit of the English countryside as we traveled from city to city. It was fantastic.

We landed late Friday night and played a #CMAFest show Saturday...we were exhausted but super pumped to be playing our hometown during such an iconic, music driven week. It was a great ending to the crazy travels.

So. Now it's 9:21pm and my body is telling me to sleep. I'll leave you with two pictures. One from Africa & one from the UK (picking just 1 picture from each might as well be torture for me....will definitely be posting way more pics soon!)





My dad & I in South Africa :)


This was right before we had fantastic burgers & fish n' chips...yummy :)