Let The Sun Shine

On late Sunday night we were able to fly into Los Angeles to spend a few days with friends. A lot of you have been following our dear friend Will Gray's battle with cancer. If you haven't read his ongoing story, it is one of unparalleled bravery, strength and courage. You can read his story at www.GoTeamGray.com We flew out because he was given some news about the progression of the cancer and we wanted to be near him and his wife Angie. A few friends have also flown in and yesterday we were outside for most of the day...some friends that we haven't seen in a while and some that we see often. We laughed. We shared stories. We ate yummy burritos. We opened a couple of bottles of wine (at the appropriate time of course...) and enjoyed the simplicity of friendship, fresh air and the glorious California sunshine.

Will & Angie came and sat with us for a bit and it was wonderful. Will continues to be a bright light in every second of life. He cracked jokes, spoke words of wisdom and was brainstorming the next big thing. Totally Will. Totally amazing.

Life will always bring us different situations and we have the opportunity to learn something. This situation has just further instilled in us the beauty of living every moment. To let the people in your life know they are loved. To not stress out about silly, insignificant things. To breathe. To love. To be.

We are overwhelmed with love for our friends. We are overwhelmed with thankfulness that they are in our lives.

We are two hopeful and grateful hearts in California.